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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tip : configure the "names" of the labels and "percentages"of pie highchart(HTML-5) in jaspersoft studio 6.4 pro.


Over a period of time, the product(jaspersoft) has improved by leaps and bounds .Though it had gained developer(s) attention, one may feel ambiguous in finding a particular property in highcharts advanced properties. So far, I found there are no cut corners instead to spend some good amount of time and the article is the outcome of latter.

Today, I have come across the titled task of this post and thought to put in this bank. You will see how to configure the "name(s)" of the label and "percentage(s)"of highcharts(HTML-5) in jaspersoft studio 6.4 pro.

The below property, you need to set in Advanced properties of HTML-5 pie chart and the following images will help you out where exactly you need to configure it.

plotOptions.pie.dataLabels.format = "{point.name} {point.percentage:.0f}%" 

Click on images to get the best sight of content highlighted. 





Until the next tip.!

- Sadakar Pochampalli